Copyright - Nicole Lockyer Photography

Copyright means...

it’s not your right to copy...

Copyright is often mis-understood, but really, it is quite simple.

Every image I capture, I own.

I can sell it to you as a digital download or as a print …

BUT, I still own it!

It is not permissible to give it away, edit or alter the image in any way, provide it for free use to your sponsor,  or use it on your business website without paying me a commensurate rate for the commercial gain that such an ‘advertising image' might provide your business or your sponsors business.

Please don‘t engage my legal team.

If you think my image will promote your business or brand or product, please pay the fee.

I am yet to pay a bill with 'you'll get free advertising'!!

This is how I pay my rent, electricity, water, travel to and from events, buy and maintain my gear and pay for countless hours editing images and uploading them for your enjoyment.

You are happy to pay your electrician, mechanic and other service providers a fee for their time and materials used, why not pay your photographer as well.

That's why being paid, even for a FaceBook cover or profile picture is important.

Legal issues aside, it is very tacky to use a watermarked image, especially as a Facebook profile picture and is the most obvious display of disrespect for our craft possible.

Many people have begun ‘dobbing’ when they see copyrighted images being used and the photography community are all looking out for each other in this respect as well.

I hope you will support me by purchasing my work, be it for personal or commercial use, because even a small purchase will help me be at your next event / sport or activity.